Poznań is said to be the academic centre of the Wielkopolska Region and this is true, but other different cities of Wielkopolska start to be equally resilient in this field. These are both public schools, often operating as branches of the Poznań?s establishments, as well as private schools.

Studying here seems to be more achievable. Universities fulfil expectations of students and remain sensitive to any different economic transformations that impose new educational programs. Post-graduate and doctor studies are available here. Most universities educate students in the following courses of study: full-time, part-time, extramural and extension studies. Faculties are provided with highly qualified staff and qualifications that allow applying for a professor degree or conferring a postdoctoral degree.

Poznań, as a city with reputable universities, is actively co-participating in the academic life. Authorities of the university establishments of Poznań systematically organise different countrywide and international congresses, conferences or symposia of scientists. Such meetings help establishing interesting contacts based on a scientific dialog.

Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences is located in the capital of the region and is closely associated with activities of scientific institutes of Poznań, such as the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, the Institute of Molecular Physics, the Institute of Plant Genetics or the Institute of Human Genetics. There are also independent institutes, as well as research and development units, such as the Institute of Natural Fibres, the Institute of Plant Protection, the Metal Forming Institute, the Institute of Herbal Industry or the Institute of Wood Technology.

Today, the role of science is crucial, because its range and impact on economy and social life are the foundations of development. It is difficult to discuss about a field which is not influenced by scientific and engineering achievements. Universities are responsible for research and education of future managers, what in turn contributes to development of economy, trade, finances, power engineering, transportation, building industry, communications, industry, agriculture and forestry. Education, health care, tourism, relaxation, sport and art are also developing in co-operation with universities.

The tradition of universities, which is still maintained, has always been shaping of attitudes and personalities of students and to properly direct their mental and spiritual lives. Unquestionably, the existence of universities and active scientific life contribute to development of the city and the region. The academic environment creates intellectual identity and cultural background determining the character of life for the region?s inhabitants. Repository of knowledge, and the Polish and worldwide culture, enriched by the universities of Wielkopolska, demonstrate of authority and prestige of Poznań and the Wielkopolska Region.