The foundations of the Polish statehood were formed on this land at the break of the 10th and the 11th century with the main centres in Gniezno and Poznań. Administratively, the voivodeship is divided into 35 districts and 26 communes. Poznań with a population of 570 thousand is the biggest out of 109 cities, such as Kalisz, Konin, Piła, Ostrów Wlkp., Gniezno and Leszno, which make up important centres of social and economic life.

Poznań, the city with rich history closely associated with the beginnings of the Polish statehood over a thousand years ago, is the capital of the Wielkopolska Region, as well as its economic, scientific and cultural centre. Kalisz is the second urban centre of Wielkopolska with important administrative, economic, social and cultural functions.

The Wielkopolskie Voivodeship is the one of the biggest regions of Poland. It is the second biggest voiovdeship in the country / 29.825 sq. km / and third in population / 3,346 thousand/.

The Wielkopolskie Voivodeship is perfectly situated at the junction of the main European routes. Routes running from Berlin through Poznań, Konin, Warsaw to Moscow, as well as from Prague through Wrocław, Leszno, Poznań to the Baltic coast are intersecting here. The Ławica airport of Poznań is a domestic and an international airport. Different industries, highly efficient agriculture, well-developed services and constantly expanding infrastructure create good conditions for further growth of the Wielkopolska Region.