Localisation of the Wielkopolska Region on the European map of transportation routes is superb. Most of the routes intersects in Poznań – the region’s capital. The main transit corridor from Western Europe to Russia runs through Poznań and Konin in the Wielkopolska Region. Therefore, the region is a perfect place for foreign investors in business contacts with the East. The international route leads from Gdańsk, a port city at the Baltic coast, through Poznań and Leszno to Prague and further to the south of Europe. The planned construction of the A2 motorway will considerably improve the traffic from the western border through Poznań, Warsaw and further to Moscow. Poznań, thanks to its location and economic importance, has a chance to become a main logistic junction. It negotiates the terms of large container terminal construction with investors – the centre of goods forwarding to different directions of the country and Europe.

The Wielkopolska Region is also provided with a well-developed network of railway lines with the main junctions in Poznań, Piła and Ostrów Wlkp. The Eurocity trains, providing a fast access from Poznań to Berlin, run from Berlin to Warsaw. The line has been adapted to the European high-speed transportation system as the first railway line in Poland. There is also “Ławica” airport in Poznań. Technical conditions of the airport’s runway and its flight control system allow accepting any type of plane. Dynamism of passenger traffic development put the airport of Poznań on the second position in the country. Research results of the English expert aviation advisors anticipate its further impressive growth. Small crafts can also land in Ostrów Wlkp and on the airfield for gliders in Leszno. Construction of a cargo airport is planned in Piła. As a result of a fast development of telecommunications infrastructure in Wielkopolska, the number of phone has doubled over the last ten years. Fast technological progress follows. Fibre optic and digital lines are expanding. Mobile telephony is developing.